How Cybercriminals Are Capitalizing On Remote Working

Recently, the number of people working from home has increased, but those who do not have proper security software are staggering. Unfortunately, this has increased the number of cybercriminals trying to carry out attacks by abusing remote login credentials, and your credentials may be ahead!
Cybercriminals can detect your login credentials in a matter of seconds, be it phishing, guessing, or stealing. Hackers see it as a way to gain access to confidential information or infiltrate networks to spread ransomware attacks.
Nearly half of companies report that their organization has experienced some form of cyber security attack in the last 12 months. Furthermore, most companies have these issues at least once a week!
However, your organization can take several actions to make it more difficult for cybercriminals to obtain your login credentials and access your network successfully.

How to prevent cybercriminals from targeting you while working remotely

Multifactor authentication

Multifactor authentication provides an extra security layer that requires the user to prove their identity. You will notice if someone else tries to log in to your account, meaning it will prevent an outsider from accessing your account. In addition to passwords, users are expected to accept phone calls/text messages or mobile app notifications to complete the verification process.

Viruses and Malware Protection

Endpoint protection prevents malware and infections by identifying and securing the behavior used in almost every exploit. It connects dots so that your data is protected and your laptop does not get infected, and it better protects against data breaches. In addition, Endpoint Protection is constantly tuned to provide users with the best performance. Finally, the low-weight component will keep you safe without slowing down your device.

Cloud-based management

Cloud-based management solutions provide mobile devices with additional security, compliance, and user benefits. With cloud-based management, you can centrally manage device security and policies. In addition, windows and standard software updates can be managed centrally and applied automatically to devices using a cloud-based management system.

Managed service

A fully managed service provides multifactor login and authentication to protect users from cyber security attacks. A cloud-based managed service is available for your laptop anywhere, centralizes password changes, and facilitates blocking.

Ransom Protection

Ransomware is the method that cybercriminals use today to attack businesses. It encrypts your files and keeps them hostage until a ransom is paid, which significantly disrupts the productivity of the work. Ransomware protection prevents malicious automatic data encryption.
Since most employees work remotely, businesses must secure network communications to protect their customers, employees, and assets benefiting from the pandemic. Security leaders need to evaluate how to keep employees productive and access their resources without exposing them to increased risk. The truth is that many supported devices do not use secure private networks but instead use the residential Internet. Cyber ​​security professionals should avoid almost constant attempts to breach network security in standard times.

Additional cyber security tips for working from home

  • Monitoring employees’ remote work practices: Any possibility of data loss or misuse in the work environment from home can increase.
  • Please beware of phishing tricks in fake emails: Remind users that they are suspicious of emails from unknown sources and do not open file attachments or click on links. Make sure people know that cybercriminals will try to take advantage of the current chaos and be extremely careful about any emails requesting credentials or other sensitive information.
  • Encrypt sensitive information such as personal, medical, or financial records sent from remote devices. Full-disk encryption of a computer’s hard disk ensures that even if a device falls into the wrong hands, corporate data is not accessible.
  • Provide cyber security awareness training and keep IT resources well staffed. Remote employees should have easy access to the contact information of critical IT employees who can be informed of security incidents and who can help with technical issues. Remote workers need clear communication protocols for IT support and crisis management if they encounter unusual or suspicious problems resulting in a breach.

Whom to contact to protect from cybercriminals?

After reading about the danger of cybercriminals, you may want to provide security to your remote working employees. We at ITofUS protect your company from cybercriminals. Contact us today and attain IT security from cybercriminals.

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