IT security - Computer Attacks with LASER light

Computer systems that are physically separated from the outside world (obstructed by air) can still be attacked. For instance, data can be transmitted to the LEDs of ordinary desktop devices using a directed LASER. In addition, attackers can secretly communicate with a disrupted computer system up to several meters away. Therefore, you can visually protect the critical IT systems in addition to traditional ICT security. Hackers attack computers using lasers. Computers or networks in critical infrastructure are often physically isolated to prevent outside access. ‘Air gap’ means that these systems do not have wired or wireless connections to the outside world. Previous attempts to bypass this protection via electromagnetic, audio, or optical channels have been carried out only at short distances or low data rates. Moreover, they usually only allow data to be pulled, i.e., retrieve data.

Secret optical channels use LEDs in commercially available office equipment.

Researchers have demonstrated that an enemy can add data into the air-gapped systems and regain the data without extra hardware at the attacked device. This hidden optical connection uses light-emitting diodes already built into office equipment, for example, to display status messages on a printer or phone. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can receive light, although not designed.

Data is transmitted in both directions.

You can create a hidden communication channel in both directions by directing laser light on pre-installed LEDs and recording their responses. This visual attack is possible in commercially available office equipment companies, universities and authorities. 
Therefore, it is essential to protect critical IT systems optically in addition to traditional information and communication technology.

What is IT security?

When a company, group, or organization communicates through the Internet, e-mail, or the like and collects and transmits data and information, it is vital to ensure the security of its information technology. Unfortunately, the rate of cyberattacks is increasingly destructive, and the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks is increasing day by day. However, IT security can protect against the growing threat of cybercrime.
Information technology security is the protection of information, especially information processing. IT security aims to prevent data and system alterations by unauthorized third parties. The implication is that social and technological systems, i.e., people and technology, companies/institutions and their data, physical data centers, cloud services, are protected from harm and danger.

Steps to achieve IT security

  1. Risk management
  2. Vulnerability assessment
  3. Secure configuration
  4. Managing user privileges
  5. Malware prevention
  6. Monitoring
  7. Security design
  8. Testing
Nearly every IT security compliance requirement requires a risk assessment and a security assessment. These are important to identify the most severe security vulnerabilities in your organization as well as the controls you already have. When evaluating vulnerabilities, it is also helpful to consider carefully the risks that ransomware attacks may pose to you. Your next step is to start implementing technical controls based on your risk tolerance (as defined in the risk assessment) and the cyber security organization you follow. Alternatively, you can use the Cyber ​​Security Framework as a guideline and add additional technical controls to meet specific requirements. Here are some examples of technical controls:
  • Standard antivirus on all endpoints
  • Apply a firewall
  • Implement a network monitoring program
  • Implementing a log archiving program
  • Encrypt sensitive data

Steps to achieve IT security

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