Healthcare IT Support Services

Healthcare IT Support Services

We provide remote and on-site IT support services to maintain and secure IT systems while adhering to HIPAA compliance. With decades of IT experience in the healthcare industry, IT of United States support technicians can understand your specific & regulatory technology infrastructure needs.

Our qualified technicians provide knowledgeable, fast, and friendly IT services for your employees in South Florida. At ITofUS, we offer managed IT services for healthcare that essentially alleviates the burden of managing business technology off of your staff’s shoulders. As such, they can focus more clearly on their core obligations like patient care.

IT of United States is known to offer reliable IT support services for healthcare companies at a competitive and reasonable price. With our IT professionals taking care of each and every aspect of your healthcare organization’s IT network infrastructure, you can rest easy knowing your technology is in trusted hands.

Our Managed IT Services for Healthcare Businesses

We offer a suite of features to ideally handle each and every aspect of your Healthcare business's IT Network infrastructure.

Technical Support

We have trained technicians available and ready 24x7 to answer your queries or solve technical issues you might be facing. No matter how big or small the IT issue, our technical support team is at your service always.

Antivirus Management

Every single of our managed clients gets free AntiVirus Licenses and management included in the price. Centrally monitored, our system is robust enough to defend against cyber threats by itself.

On-Site & Remote Support

We provide on-site and remote support all over the United States. We are part of your team; we take downtime and issues that stop employees from working seriously and urgently.

Software & Hardware Procurement

Need Software, Hardware, or Licensing Renewals? We manage and monitor everything for you. We have partnered with manufacturers like Fortinet and Cisco to ensure a process as transparent as it can be.

Network Monitoring & Management

We monitor and manage all types of equipment that provide core network services like firewalls, switches, and routers. Our approach is proactive and, combined with a maintenance plan, can reduce downtime to a minimum.

Workstation & Server Management

We manage operating systems updates as well as third-party patches and updates to fight cybersecurity threats with automated software like IPS. Automatic computer cleanup and maintenance are also performed by us when computers are idle.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

We protect your healthcare business IT data and continuity by implementing industry-leading backup and recovery software

SCADA™ Systems

We will isolate, segment, and protect your industrial network of PLC and other sensors from the Internet and malicious actors.

24/7 Support

In the event of a crisis, your can rest easy knowing there will be someone always ready and available at IT of United States to address your queries, issues, and concerns.

Meet HIPAA Requirements

While the Paper-based aspects of HIPAA are easy to handle, it is the technical area where most companies struggle. We at IT of US harbor professionals who offer specialized healthcare IT support services. You can rest assured that they know and follow the latest industry best practices

We offer HIPAA compliance through an array of IT services to ensure your South Florida healthcare organization is achieving and compliant with current HIPAA regulations for the IT area.

We achieve compliance through IT Audits, PenTest, Vulnerability Management, IT Processes Updates (Documentation, Software Procurement, Hardware Upgrades, Annual IT Budget Analysis), Network Infrastructure Support, and other Enterprise-Level IT Security Services.


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Areas We Serve On-Site

Remote Support

On-Site Support

Why Choose IT of United States?

IT of US has been offering medical IT support services since 2014. Our substantial experience catering to healthcare enterprises in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach has earned us an excellent reputation in the healthcare industry. We are also home to highly qualified senior IT professionals who specialize in offering fast, friendly and reliable IT services in South Florida.

We offer both on-site and remote support 24×7. Software and hardware procurement is included in your contract free of charge. We take our time understanding your needs and design an IT support service that is tailormade to serve your healthcare enterprise.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless small and big companies manage their business technology. As such, you can expect us to do the same for your hospital, clinic, and medical practice successfully.

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