Hospitality IT Support Services

Managed IT Support Services for Hotels & Restaurants

You go above and beyond to offer the best experience to the guests at your hotel and restaurant. As such, it only makes sense for your business to possess the technology of hospitality IT services that serves you and them with the same excellence level, making your business’s daily operations a bit easier to handle. Frequent updates, data backups, securing customer information, and managing shared bandwidth are just a few things that need your attention to ensure your hospitality business is running smoothly.

Juggling between these tasks and serving your guests can become overwhelmingly challenging for small chains. This is where we at IT of United come into play with our end-to-end Managed IT Support for Hospitality Businesses. We are home to talented IT experts that possess the skill and insight needed to manage your business’s entire IT infrastructure and IT services for hospitality industry at an affordable monthly rate.

Why Modernize Your Hotel’s Technology

The hospitality industry has expanded considerably, and as a result, it is more complex and convoluted than just a decade ago. Guests today have several options for their leisure, making it tougher for new hotels and restaurants to acquire customers and for old ones to maintain their existing customer base. People now have access to thousands of restaurants and hotels at their fingertips via their phones.

Today, It has become increasingly important to distinguish your service from others to thrive in the hospitality industry. Easily accessible, high-speed internet with a good WiFi connection is an undeniable staple of good service at any location, Ensuring guests have a smooth experience posting your premises on social media and review sites. The interconnected experience you offer throughout your business space with our IT support restaurants will help your business stay at the forefront of the industry for business travelers and individuals with high internet usage, like social media influencers.

Hospitality Cybersecurity Solutions

Data breach costs last year rose to a whopping 4 million USD. Suffice to say, no business is safe from malicious actors online who are constantly looking for an opportunity to breach vulnerable computers and steal valuable data. IT of United States, makes sure all your endpoints are protected by employing IT support for hospitality, thus helping your business financial and customer-related information stay safe. Learn more at ITShield.

We offer the following Hospitality IT Cybersecurity Services:

  • Identifying and mitigating POS terminals with nonsecure network connections.
  • Building and managing IT infrastructures with modern, robust security measures.
  • Managing business PCI compliance and IT security policies
  • Incident response and business continuity planning
  • Cybersecurity awareness training for employees

IT Support Services for your Hospitality Business

We can be the Hotel IT Support partners that shoulder the responsibility of managing and securing your business’s IT infrastructure, thus allowing your staff to focus on what they do best… provide a 5-star experience to your guests.

The Hospitality IT Support Services we Offer Include:

  • Innovative Cloud Solutions

  • WiFi Network Management

  • VoIP Phone Solutions

  • Guest and Employee network segmentation

  • POS Remote and On-Site Support

  • Data Backup and Recovery Plans

  • Proactive IT Maintenance and IT Support

  • Reservation Management Software Support

  • Surveillance Networks Installation and Support

Our IT services for restaurants and hotels will guarantee you the following benefits

Regardless of how many locations you are operating, our IT professionals will help you implement leading IT solutions that best suit your business. Our IT experts will handle the following on your behalf:

  • Reservation Support
  • Lobby and in-room WiFi
  • PCI Compliance
  • Data storage and virtualization
  • All in one tech support.


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Why Choose IT of United States?

Running a hotel or restaurant business is no easy task; add to it, maintaining the IT infrastructure behind the scenes by non-technical staff, and the task becomes extremely difficult and inefficient. Your business needs a Hospitality IT support partner that understands the industry and the unique challenges and priorities of operating within that industry. We can confidently claim that you will find no better option than IT of United States.

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