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Professional IT Services

Professional, business, and information services companies face many challenges. Productivity trends remain flat, while rising wages, commoditization of offerings, competition, and increased operating costs have contributed to declining margins. Low productivity is also due to the limited use of technology and automation, where high manual operations are expected.

As challenges and opportunities emerge in the IT professional services market, the key to success is dynamically managing inputs and providing consistent and cost-effective outputs to customers.

IT of US provides IT professional services and solutions to enhance service delivery capabilities and increase flexibility in service organizations. We provide this by leveraging our scalable international delivery model and full-service lines and practices. ITofUS offers flexible, high-quality professional services in IT to help you be more successful, from software conversions to consulting to managed security services. Our experienced consultants can showcase our IT professional services examples and assist you to reduce your workload and educate your team to ensure better results.  

Our Managed Professional IT services

We offer Professional services IT for one-time projects or short-term changes in the company. Consider expansion or the introduction of new hardware. Planning, design, installation, and training are all factors that we can take care of. An expanding business or a company looking for a new solution may need our help upgrading its systems.


We deliver professional service advice to avoid excessive losses from uninformed purchasing decisions or strategies. Also, we frequently work with organizations to find the best solutions and provide expert advice. We provide consulting for back-end security and servers that are more complex than many administrators realize, and ignoring them means you're just waiting for an accident to happen.

Cloud Migration

Migrating an entire system to the cloud is sometimes a big task and may be beyond the capabilities of a small organization. We can look after the whole process. Moving data to the cloud can offer various benefits for businesses of all sizes and is often cheaper than on-site storage. Our cloud services can help to improve your business' scalability, seamless integration, networking, and security.


Deploying new hardware or software can be a complex process with many moving parts. Our professional IT services bring in experts to take care of these streams. We can install and configure new solutions and help implement them. A smooth transition can keep the company running efficiently and avoid unnecessary disruptions.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Sometimes, issues are too difficult for a small team in a company. Our professional services can step in and help if the problem is beyond your ability. You can avail of our on-demand professional services like technical support. We figure out the issues when something doesn't work as intended and provide a solution to resolve the issue.


Our professional services address a specific problem as we are more focused and comprehensive. You can expect complete assistance from us through as many steps or as few steps of the process as you need. We deliver project management, solution design validation, site preparation, installation, configuration, testing, verification, knowledge transfer, and managed service options.


Our managed professional IT services help organizations avoid a "break-fix" mentality, which involves waiting until a problem requires IT to intervene. Fixing these issues can cost money and time, but our services give you a ready-made team for business. Network monitoring and regular updates can help keep your systems secure and efficient and avoid needing emergency technical support..

Why Choose ITofUS?

Even though your business possesses an in-house web developer, it differs from having a professional IT support service. Our professional service teams provide valuable services to ensure everything is in order, will continue running smoothly, and will give regular network updates and maintenance.

You need not wait for your network to break down before looking for someone to look after your IT systems. Network outages can reduce productivity and have a very costly impact on your business. Hence our professional IT services can perform regular maintenance on your network to ensure everything is stable and working correctly – and ready to adapt to any future technological changes.

We help you stay protected and safe. All companies – big or small – put much pressure on data security. Our professional services in software companies can tell you what protection you need to protect your business. 

We concentrate more than just fixing things. Suppose you have us, ITofUS as your professional IT services provider. In that case, our professional services organization can create a more efficient and safer way to run things before anything goes wrong and improve your business results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are professional services in IT?

IT Professional Services can be defined as delivering technology-related services to customers, allowing them to focus on their core business concerns. Services can range from consulting and advising on a strategy to product deployment and data analytics. It helps businesses and organizations stay updated with technology trends and solve technical issues. Professional IT consultants can help companies identify areas where efficiency and security can be enhanced and recommend the best hardware and software solutions.

What is an example of an IT service?

Examples of IT services include cloud migration, software deployment, web hosting, data storage, and network security. Cloud computing involves providing virtualized resources to store and access data. It allows businesses to save money by avoiding the purchase and maintenance of physical servers. Software deployment consists of the process of making updated software available for users. Web hosting involves providing space on a server where websites can be stored. Professional IT services include consultation, troubleshooting technical issues, and ongoing system optimization to ensure peak performance. Some other examples of IT services are Network infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Backup, and disaster recovery.

What is your turnaround time for professional IT services?

Our expert team of IT professionals can provide fast and reliable services. Our average turnaround time for Professional IT services depends on the complexity and scope of the project. Generally, we can deliver results within a few hours or days, depending on the project requirements. We also offer customer support to resolve issues quickly. Our outstanding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures the timely delivery of your project.

How much does your professional IT service typically cost?

We deliver the best possible service at competitive prices. We offer reliable, affordable, and flexible pricing plans tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. Utilize our free MSP Cost Calculator to determine your organization’s cost of Professional IT Services.

What type of professional IT services do you offer?

  • Consulting services for back-end security and servers
  • Cloud Migration
  • Deployment of new hardware or software
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Project management
  • Solution design validation
  • Site preparation, installation, configuration, testing, verification
  • Managed services

What measures do you take to ensure quality service?

We understand that quality is a critical factor in customer satisfaction and loyalty, so we have implemented several measures to ensure that our services are always of the highest standard. These measures include rigorous testing of all our products and services, getting regular customer feedback, and providing continuous training to our staff.