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Real Estate IT Services

Real estate IT services encompass a wide range of technologies that are designed to streamline and optimize the various processes involved in the real estate industry. You depend on your mobile device to store confidential customer data and share information with buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, title companies, and more that needs IT services for real estate. Since you and your employees are always on the go, you need the best IT services for real estate tech businesses when considering smartphone and tablet support, cloud apps, network performance, data encryption, and cybersecurity.

You can protect your network with powerful IT services for real estate industry. Block viruses, malware, and phishing attacks while encrypting email and sensitive customer data with IT managed services for real estate. Also, you can protect your business from human error by backing up and restoring professional data, which is a part of IT support for real estate tech companies.

Make your IT as professional and flexible as you and your employees. Enjoy 24/7/365 support because, like real estate, we understand it’s not nine to five.

Managed IT services for Real Estate businesses

We deliver great features of real estate IT services to efficiently handle every aspect of your Real Estate business’s IT Network infrastructure.


Our IT procurement plays an important role in achieving your strategic and operational objectives. It involves key stakeholders in business, finance, and IT. We define what can serve the IT business and pursue the best IT investment decisions possible.

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions can deliver IT resources on-demand from the applications to data centers on a pay-to-use basis to our customers. We provide quick access to flexible, low-cost IT resources without a large advance investment in hardware or time-consuming installation and maintenance.

Network Security

We manage access to your most important data, protect critical information, including firewalls and monitoring, and improve your business performance with the appropriate combination of network, security, and bandwidth management. Also, our professionals can handle your data breach or hacking issues effectively.

Backup and Recovery

We provide the additional disaster recovery needed by your computer clusters, active directory servers, or database servers. In addition, we can back up large amounts of data using our cloud storage. So, you need not store it on a local hard drive or external storage. Mobile devices can be set up using our cloud technology, allowing automatic data recovery.

Managed Printing Service

Save time and money with our smart permission-based print management solutions. Moreover, we provide selective or general hardware replacement, needs assessment, parts, and supplies required to operate the existing or new hardware. We also track your fax, printer, copier, photocopiers, and multifunction devices, problems, and satisfaction.

Multi Support Time

Despite your location, we have an office nearby. So you can get the required IT support for real estate industry anytime, anywhere. Our professionals work with you to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 and technology to solve your business challenges. Also, we provide customized solutions to organizations looking for excellence.

24/7 Technical Support

Do you have an IT problem? We can help. Whatever the question, we are on call and ready to resolve any issues. Our IT support for real estate firms includes server monitoring, call-center support, database support, etc. This support usually includes support for services that require an uninterrupted operation.

Mobile Device Management

We manage all your team's devices - tablets or phones, no matter what. We follow a proven methodology and toolset to deliver workforce mobile productivity tools and applications while keeping your company's data secure.

Adaptive IT Consulting

We provide IT solutions for real estate, advice, and forecasting for businesses of all sizes. Also, we prepare you for success in marketing and operate your business effectively. Our flexible resource model gives lawyers, project managers, and corporate secretaries new experiences and ways of working - without compromising career development.

Why choose ITofUS?

ITofUS has been offering real estate IT support services since 2014. As a result, we have experienced and qualified professionals who can deliver speedy and trustworthy real estate IT services in South Florida. Our experience of IT support for real estate firms in serving the real estate industry has gained us an outstanding reputation in the real estate industry.

We serve you both on-site and remote work of IT solutions for real estate industry 24/7. In addition, we include hardware and software procurement in our bonding free of cost. We understand your requirements and deliver a customized IT support service to your real estate business.

We have assisted numerous companies of all sizes in managing their businesses with advanced technology. Therefore, you can experience the same for your real estate business with a high success rate with our IT solutions for real estate firms.

Real Estate IT Questions? We've Got Answers!

IT of US’s qualified technicians provide fast and friendly computer services and computer repair for your desktop, notebook, laptop, server, or printers. We can repair all major computer brands and generic computers as well.

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