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Innovation happens when a company seeks to make its services more efficient, easier to use, and faster with the explicit goal of providing value for its clients. 

Information technology plays a vital role in the growth of an economy. It provides a communication network infrastructure and related IT services used by businesses, consumers, and other actors to exchange value.   

Small businesses are, for the most part, at a disadvantage in the information age as they may not possess the funds, resources, or talent needed to handle their IT network infrastructure in-house more efficiently.

IT of United States aims at providing cost-effective IT solutions for small businesses. Currently serving hundreds of clients, we understand the specific needs and requirements small companies have when it comes to managing their IT systems. We have a top-rated reputation and reviews as one of the best IT management and support companies for small businesses. 

Some of the Business IT Services We Offer

Data Backup

We offer solutions with enterprise-grade security to back up your valuable data in a secure cloud service. We acquaint your business with a robust cloud backup strategy you can rely on.

Server Management

We consistently monitor and manage your servers to identify potential threats and patch them before issues arise. We make sure all your servers are in optimal working condition.

Technical Support

Get the best IT support from expert engineers and IT technicians to handle your queries or solve your IT-related issues in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Disaster Recovery

Aside from a robust cloud data backup strategy, we also help you devise a sound data recovery strategy so you can continue your business even in the event of a disaster like a ransomware attack.

Software Automation

We help automate specific administrative tasks of your organization like documentation, billing, time recording, etc., with the help of reliable automation software.

Network Management

Get valuable insight into traffic, uptime, and security of your network’s firewalls. Our network engineers ensure the network is uncompromised and patched immediately whenever security issues pop up.

Managing Antivirus

Power by IT Shield We manage the licenses of Antivirus on all your computers and servers to make sure your IT network infrastructure is protected in its entirety, thus thwarting damage done by virus attacks.

Workstation Management

We make sure all devices at your workplace, including laptops and desktops, are updated with the latest OS, applications, and security software. We can patch several third-party software on your behalf to keep your staff productive always. Learn more at IT Shield

SCADA™ Systems

We will isolate, segment, and protect your industrial network of PLC and other sensors from the Internet and malicious actors.

Importance and Use of IT in Professional Services:

Good Information Technology services lead to a faster growth rate in professional services businesses. For instance, many of the daily tasks of a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or clerk are optimized with reliable software in place, thus allowing these professionals to perform their duties more productively and efficiently.

We facilitate this through IT audits, software procurement, technology upgrades, IT maintenance, IT security services, and network infrastructure support.

At IT of United States, we provide small businesses with a full-stack suite of IT support and maintenance services. Including managed IT services for small businesses, server management, PC troubleshooting, server installation, remote desktop support, workstation, laptop or PC repair, and much more.

We help businesses scale by consistently monitoring, managing, and securing their local and cloud IT network infrastructure.


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Why Choose IT of United States?

 IT of United States is home to a team of experienced Network and Computer engineers who are familiar with the unique requirements of small businesses. As such, you can rely on us to provide you with a wide range of IT solutions. When it comes to IT for small businesses, We understand the budget constraints that most small businesses today face and offer affordable IT solutions that lend them the help they need without adding exorbitantly to their expenses. 

We take our time in understanding what you seek from us to tailor our services accordingly. Over the years, we’ve helped many small businesses excel with affordable and flexible IT support provided daily. If you wish to get ahead of your competitors with exceptional IT support, we suggest you look no further than IT of United States as your IT support partner. 

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