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About Us

We are an Information Technology Company focused on providing Worldwide Enterprise-Level IT Services, Equipment, and Solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our core beliefs gravitate around the fusion of excellent customer service and outstanding technical expertise.

Our IT support and services approach helps small businesses address technological challenges by leveraging pro-growth technologies and long term cost efficiencies. On-site / remote tech support and IT managed service provider plans are IT of US core product offerings for a business larger than five employees.

IT Services for South Florida

With U.S. Headquarters in South Florida, all core on-site operations run from Brickell and Coral Gables.

Since our foundation, we have helped businesses grow by providing trustworthy IT consulting services. Always highlighting the long-term cost savings and value of our tech support and MSP solutions.

South Florida businesses were the first market to have the option to fully outsource their complete local IT infrastructure and support needs to IT of United States. Desktop tech support and on-site network support and management are the most common IT problems our technicians enlist to fight every day.

We have improved productivity for thousands of business owners all over the sunshine state since 2014. Our IT outsourcing model pricing is affordable for all small businesses as well as large corporations by implementing a complexity and response time frame tiered system.
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Procurement &

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Cloud & SaaS

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Surveillance &
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Structured Cabling
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Phone Systems
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Smart Homes & IoT

5 Stars South Florida IT MSP

IT of US has the mission to provide the best five-star MSP tech support and consulting services on the planet. By outsourcing your IT helpdesk challenges to us, you can trust a solution will be provided on-time, on-budget, and with a smile.

Our team has archived top IT certifications, and degrees from reputable technological and educational institutions. We have extensive experience working as a team with world-leading construction and industrial contractors.

Our associates help SMBs understand opportunity costs and the value of confidentiality, integrity, and availability in the IT area. Providing comprehensive cost-benefit analyses for IT equipment, tech support, and MSP solutions are also very well appreciated by our clients. 

We are leaders in 5 start IT consulting and tech support services. Our clients, employees, and partners understand our core values of providing the perfect mix of excellent technical support and outstanding technical expertise. 

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