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IT Services for logistics

For a competitive globalized trading economy, it is important to increase efficiency, adapt the supply chain, and meet customer demands. Going one step further in technology can make or break the logistics IT services business. As the state of trade changes rapidly, new technologies of IT services for logistics companies must be incorporated.

Integrating new technologies is not difficult; our ITofUS team has experience working with leading logistics companies. In addition, our excellent engineering team has many challenging certifications.

We provide 24×7 IT support for logistics (Managed Security Services) – 365 days a year from the existing on-premises system. You can enjoy the benefit of supply chain management, which allows you to monitor and manage complex supply chains. Our modern workplace logistics IT solutions enable employees to work safely on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Managed IT services for logistics

We configure managed logistics links for you based on your specific business objectives. With our IT services for logistics management solutions, we focus on achieving your goals, whether it’s cost-cutting, revenue generation, fast-to-market, or any other business objective. We deliver the results you target with our dedicated IT support service for logistics.

Development of Planning and Operations

We implement the best workflow and apply best practices to build agile networks and achieve KPI targets across the entire supply chain - including customer and partner sites. In addition, we focus on solving your individual and complex tasks, such as optimization, load planning, purchases, routing and planning, reverse logistics, etc.


We will take care of your rollout whether you purchased the equipment through ITofUS or other sources. In addition, you can make bulk purchases to get maximum discounts by taking advantage of our warehouse. It is also typical for our customers to receive assembled products from multiple manufacturers.


We utilize your IT management tools, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, to test devices on your physical network before they arrive, reducing rollout time and interrupting end-users.

Analysis and Data Integration

Logistics is an extensive process that includes many activities run by different IT systems. These systems must communicate efficiently and share information seamlessly to excel in the supply chain. We facilitate logistics organizations to integrate many IT systems such as WMS, ERP, CRM, etc. Our professional intelligence experts assist in extracting and analyzing smart data from systems and effectively distributing it to stakeholders.


Our Warehouse Management Solutions improve complex distribution networks by enabling centralized inventory and operations management across multiple warehouse facilities. Also, our logistics technology solution has greatly helped logistics providers achieve better turnaround times and lower operating costs.w

Warehouse Management System

Warehouses are an essential link in the supply chain, and organizations must maintain a well-organized and error-free environment. Under typical delivery conditions, warehouses can have multiple levels — central warehouses, regional warehouses, and retail warehouses serving each other. We help improve the cost of order fulfillment on time by managing resources financially.

Transportation Management Software(TMS)

With the help of TMS, we create the most efficient scheme regarding need, distance, and cost by considering specific parameters. Also, we enable tracking and visibility to permit the customers and management to monitor the execution of orders in real-time. We send you regular reports with freight data to spot the discrepancies.

Customer Resource Management System

Our CRM system creates a comprehensive customer database and assists the sales team in processing your orders and quickly creating optimal routes with our route planning tool. We also perform advanced analytics to make your marketing team learn customer behavior and customize marketing campaigns accordingly.

Task Management Software

We provide solutions to make easy and effective collaboration of various employees. Also, our solutions enable you to create tasks, assign them, monitor performance, get notifications after task completion, etc. Furthermore, we can integrate our Task management system with third-party solutions to make your company's internal communication convenient.

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With experience providing customized services to global customers, we have a good understanding of the retail and logistics industry. We enable the right IT solutions for logistics companies and keep them updated with the latest trends. Our customized services have helped clients reduce labor, costs, and time, increase business value, and gain competitive advantage.

Our expertise in IT support for logistics enables our customers to have a seamless multi-channel experience. Our analytics solutions help capture intelligent business data that allows executives to make quick decisions. Our innovative customization services help traditional stores achieve effective marketing. In addition, our warehouse management systems efficiently handle supply chain-related activities, allowing customers to focus on their core business activities.

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